Wes Craven talks Scream 4's script controversy

Exclusive! "It's not a script I have control of"...

Wes Craven has spoken exclusively to Total Film about the Scream 4 script controversy.

During production, the director tweeted that he was no longer "in control of the script" after Scream 3 writer Ehren Kruger came in to rework Kevin Williamson's draft.

Craven told us: "I was just stating the facts. In some ways it's a Wes Craven film and in some way it's not entirely, because it's not a script I have control of.

"It's ultimately controlled by what the studio wants in the script. My job is much more bringing whatever experience and expertise and creativity I can."

He added: "Look, there was a bumpy period when things shifted over from Kevin to Ehren. I signed up to do a script by Kevin and unfortunately that didn't go all the way through the shooting."

"But it certainly is Kevin's script and concept and characters and themes."

Scream 4 is set to hit cinemas on 15 April 2011.

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Will Scream 4 rewrite the horror rules again? Vent your opinion below!


    • clearwriter

      Mar 16th 2011, 14:09

      Sounds like an early, 'I did not do it. It's not my fault' plead. Not good.

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    • BruceShark

      Mar 16th 2011, 16:20

      So basically the film is s**t and the director is already distancing himself from it. Cannot wait.

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    • Callum

      Mar 16th 2011, 16:58

      Given the fact that Scream 3 was less commercially and critically successful than its predecessors, I'm surprised that the studio thought it was a good idea to use Kruger again. At least it was a Williamson script this time, not just a treatment, so a few more of his ideas might actually make it into the finished film.

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    • MadMatt

      Mar 17th 2011, 0:27

      Kruger obviously has some compromising photos of the Weinsteins, I'd say. Why else would they keep hiring this clown?

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