Wesley Snipes talks White Men Can't Jump 2

"Come on Woody, let's do it!"

Wesley Snipes walked the blue carpet at the premiere of X-Men: Days Of Future Past last night, and we took the opportunity to ask him about his upcoming slate.

That slate could potentially include White Men Can't Jump 2, which the actor confirmed was something he'd be interested in making. 

"Actually, they've been trying to get us to do something like that for a while," he told Total Film. "We just have to figure out the script now."

Watch what Snipes had to say below...

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    • Ali1748

      May 13th 2014, 13:54

      Look Wesley we all know you've had problems with tax but lets not tarnish your film legacy with pointless sequels.

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    • H3isenberg

      May 13th 2014, 15:22

      Finally, the sequel no one asked for!

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    • Wolfy82

      May 14th 2014, 8:51

      I agree Ali. Get sumin original on the go.

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    • dalewylie

      May 17th 2014, 21:08

      hell yes white men cant jump is my absolute favourite wesley snipes movie i luv alot of his action movies particularly passenger 57 and demolition man and hopefully the much anticipated expendables 3 so white men cant jump 2 bring it on cause woody and wesley were great together in it and im sure everyone who loved it will wanna c it 2

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