Where’s Wally? Try onscreen

The book series is becoming a movie

He’s been a successful kids’ character over here since 1987, appeared on TV and in games, but now Wally will be found in the cinema.

After several film studios battled for the screen right to the book series – known in the US as Where’s Waldo – Universal has nabbed the chance to turn the book series into a live-action family film.

Yes, even we’re not quite sure how books that are basically big, crowded pictures with a bloke in a striped shirt and hat hiding within can be turned into a film but Universal’s going to give it a try.

Next week: Baby’s First Alphabet to become a blockbuster at the hands of Uwe Boll.

[Source: Variety]

Have they gone too far in which books get bought? Speak up!


    • duskraider31

      Jun 2nd 2009, 19:04

      this is the stupidest cash cow idea i have heard coming out this year. i mean releasing another Halloween is pretty bad but this?

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    • chicks

      Jun 5th 2009, 10:53

      The best way to do this would be to jettison the family friendly vibe and make a stalker movie out of it. The idea of a man dressed in a red and white striped shirt lurking in crowds watching you is quite chilling.

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