Why did it have to be snakes? New Indy images!

Italian magazine L'espresso has the scoop...

Three new Crystal Skull images have hit the web and, call us cynical, but there's something a bit weird about them.

Go to L'espresso for a closer look, then come back and see if you agree with us.

Done that? Good - we think the first one (apparently from the mooted quicksand scene) looks photoshopped, the second one (Agent Spalko pointing the finger) has a strangely coloured sky and the third one (Indy standing about with a sword) has a very modern looking extra wandering around in the background.

Don't get us wrong, they're probably genuine - just not in keeping with the lovely official shots we've seen so far.

Go to our forums to discuss 'em!

Source: (L'espresso)



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