Will Black Widow appear in The Avengers?

Scarlett Johansson certainly hopes so...


With Joss Whedon currently prepping production on his big screen version of comic book The Avengers, speculation is turning to just which heroes will be popping up for a bit of ass-whooping.

But don’t count on Scarlett Johansson, who played Black Widow in the recently released Iron Man 2, to have any answers.

"I don't know anything about future projects," she told MTV News. "I know Marvel is really dedicated to this character, so I'm hoping there will be some sort of call for it.

"Historically, Black Widow is a part of the Avengers, and I know Marvel is totally behind the Black Widow, but I'm hoping.”

Meanwhile, on the Captain America front, CHUD are reporting that the role of Bucky has been expanded for the film version.

Here be spoilers... They say that “the Captain America movie continuity is being developed to leave the door open for the Winter Soldier to appear, should there be a sequel.

"Bucky will be seemingly killed when Cap is frozen in ice, as he was in the original post-WWII Captain America stories, but he'll take on some serious injuries along the way, allowing him to show up again in the future with a cyborg arm.

"Previous thinking at Marvel Studios had Bucky surviving the war and meeting Cap in the modern day as an old man, which is how it happened in the Ultimate universe.”

Sebastian Stan will play Bucky in Joe Johnston’s adaptation, and recent reports certainly imply that the above is a possibility, with Stan signing a multi-picture deal with Marvel.

Who do you want to see in The Avengers?

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    • Avenger1

      May 5th 2010, 8:30

      I did an online survey with 243 respondents. The most popular Avenger line up is: Captain America Thor Iron Man Hawkeye Luke Cage As for the females, She-Hulk got the most votes. I personally am a fan of the Beast, but he didn't get the votes.

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