Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are the B Team

A new cop comedy with Talladega Nights’ Adam McKay

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are teaming up to play cops in B Team.

Ferrell’s regular collaborator Adam McKay, who directed Anchorman and Step Brothers, is planning to settle into the big chair once again.

While there’s no word on the plot – beyond Ferrell and Wahlberg as seemingly mismatched law enforcement types – Chris Henchy, who last co-wrote Land Of The Lost for Ferrell, is writing the script.

And in much the same way as the new Matt Damon project being pitched around town, B Team is being sold as a spec script with the actors and McKay attached as a package.

Who will pluck it from homelessness? No idea yet, but our money’s on Columbia, which has a history with Ferrell and McKay.

Looks like Wahlberg is attempting to keep up the comedy momentum he started by appearing on Saturday Night Live (to jokingly slag off Andy Samberg’s impression of him) and, er, in The Happening.

That was supposed to be funny, right? Right?

[Source: Variety]

Another Ferrell comedy. Does it fill you with dread or delight?


    • aelmo1

      Feb 25th 2009, 11:46


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    • mwood

      Feb 25th 2009, 18:17

      I thought Mark Wahlberg was really funny in I Heart Huckabees... he definitely has potential to foster his creative, humourous side.

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    • ashley.russell

      Feb 25th 2009, 22:20

      Yes! If he can channel his I Heart Huckabees and Boogie Nights performances into this character then I am definitely interested.

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    • mattburgess

      Feb 25th 2009, 22:31

      I almost leapt for joy when I thought it was a comedic take on 'The A Team'.

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    • Rorshach501

      Feb 26th 2009, 12:09

      Id love to think this is going to be an odd couple situation, with Ferrell being the dumb, soft cop and Wahlberg the hardass, cos it would allow him to slip back into his role as Dignam from The Departed. Who wouldnt love 90 minutes of Wahlberg calling Ferrell a 'Cooowksucker' (Boston accent mandatory)

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