Will Russell Brand play Jack Sparrow’s brother?

Screenwriter debunks some of the Pirates 4 rumours

Pirates screenwriter Terry Rossio has debunked recent rumours connected to a potential Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

“For the record, none of the recent Pirates 4 rumors have any truth, including the so-called record 50 million dollar payday for Depp,” wrote Rossio on the forums at Wordplay.

“[It’s] some pretty funny stuff, though,” he added. “Sacha Cohen? Tim Burton? Studios are way too protective of their franchises for that sort of thing.”

Russell Brand to play Jonathan Sparrow?

Rossio failed to address our favourite rumour – that Russell Brand will play Johnny Depp’s brother in the new movie.

According to The Daily Record, everyone’s favourite ex-junkie has been offered $5 million to play the evil Jonathan Sparrow, as Captain Jack travels the world to find the “fountain of youth.”

It sounds absolutely crazy to us. But then again, casting Depp in a Jerry Bruckheimer produced Disney movie was hardly the most predictable choice, and that didn’t turn out too bad at all.


    • mikek

      Oct 15th 2008, 15:34

      He's got the hair and the piratey scrawn. A We look forward to it.

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    • andyg

      Oct 15th 2008, 16:07

      He looks just like Johnny Depp, accept with more needle marks in his arms, obv.

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    • phoenixrising

      Feb 5th 2011, 14:07

      hope this isnt true hes a complete t**t, he would most definetley ruin the film

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    • allykatharvey

      May 9th 2011, 21:39

      Hope not!! This unlovable "celebrity" keeps being thrust upon us - WHY? What does he do well? Nobody is as beautiful and talented as Johnny Depp anyway, if he goes the pirate ship will sink.

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