Will Sasso confirmed as Curly in the Farrellys' Three Stooges

And Hank Azaria and James Marsden could be Moe and Larry

After a tiresome amount of casting speculation, it seems like the Farrelly brothers have finally cast a role in their Three Stooges movie.

Will Sasso, currently best know for US TV work like $#*! My Dad Says, has been cast as Curly, according to The Hollywood Reporter (via Collider).

He does at least have the physical resemblance to play Curly, and his relative lack of fame may work in his favour when it comes to playing such a hallowed figure.

Rather than being a traditional biopic, the movie is expect to comprise three half-hour skits, with Peter Farrelly claiming: "There will be non-stop slapping, more in the tone of Dumb and Dumber than anything else we’ve done.

"Our goal is 85 minutes of laughs in a film that will be very respectful of who the Stooges were. It’s by far the riskiest project we’ve ever done, without question, but it is also the one closest to our hearts."

Peter has also said of the casting process: "Our feeling is that no star is too big to audition and no matter who it is, we’re going to have to see him in the role.

"This is not The Flintstones. You’ve got to be Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard, and that could be a major movie star or an unknown."

The latest rumours are linking Hank Azaria and James Marsden to the Moe and Larry roles, though nothing has been confirmed.

Azaria has predominantly worked in comedy before, but it would would be intriguing to see what Marsden could do with the role, given the comic potential he showed off in a supporting role in Enchanted.

This new version of The Three Stooges does sound like it's edging dangerously close to 'reboot' territory (new talent reheating old greatness), which demands the question: what's the point?

Can any actors recreate the Stooges' chemistry and physical comedy, or is this destined to fail?

Is Sasso a good Curly? Do you think the new Three Stooges will work, or would you rather the money was spent restoring and re-releasing classic Stooges material? Your thoughts please…


    • Hadouken76

      Mar 27th 2011, 21:46

      YESS! An movie based on some 80 yr old movies! That will bring the kids in!...A new vat of brylcreem for the genius that came up with that, use it to replace brain.

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