Will Smith taking Flowers For Algernon?

He's looking to star in and produce the sci-fi adaptation...

Will Smith is apparently looking to produce and star in an adaptation of Daniel Keyes' beloved SF novel Flowers For Algernon.

Keyes' book follows Charlie, a mentally impaired man who becomes the guinea pig for an experimental surgery to boost intelligence.

He's not the first test subject - the procedure is successfully used on Algernon, a lab mouse. But while Charlie's intelligence triples, he becomes estranged from those around him.

And then he discovers that the procedure has a serious downside...

The story has been adapted for the screen several times since its publication in 1959, most notably with 1969's Charly (above), which scored Cliff Robertson (Spider-Man's Uncle Ben) an Oscar for his performance.

Sounds like Smith might be after one of his own…

[Source: Pajiba]

Is this the right project for Smith? Can it match the '60s version?


    • BeefOven

      Nov 10th 2009, 14:39

      Will Smith, stop taking literary works of art and adding them to the CV of Hollywood's Biggest Mistake!

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