Will Stephen Chow help remake The Karate Kid?

Will Smith wants him to produce, direct and star as Mr Miyagi…

Will Smith has been talking about his plan to remake The Karate Kid for a while – most notably on his recent trip to Hong Kong for the premiere of I Am Legend (while also turning on his charm to try and convince stubborn Chinese officials to release the movie on the mainland) – and now Asian Popcorn has talked to Stephen Chow, who says Smith wants him for the movie.

According to the writer/director/producer/martial arts genius, Smith floated the idea of Chow producing and directing the film, as well as playing Mr Miyagi (we assume – we doubt he’d want Ralph Macchio’s lead part).

But while he’s interested, Chow is also busy, as he told the site: "I'm very fond of The Karate Kid and would love to join in the remake project, no matter as a producer, director or actor. But it depends on my schedule. As you know, next year I will work on two movies, Dragon Ball and Journey To The West."

And Smith isn’t the only Hollywood type to think of Chow for a film – Seth Rogen keeps mentioning his name as a possible Kato for The Green Hornet. Ah, what it must be like to be so wanted…

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