Willem Dafoe calls The Amazing Spider-Man reboot "cynical"

Exclusive: “It’s the same story!”

Total Film sat down with Willem Dafoe this week to discuss his new videogame Beyond: Two Souls, and we couldn’t resist asking him what he thought of last year's The Amazing Spider-Man.

Though we discovered he’s not seen the Andrew Garfield-starring reboot, he definitely has an opinion on it.

“I saw a trailer for the first Spider-Man reboot and I thought, ‘This is crazy! It’s not shot for shot, but it’s the same story,’” Dafoe told us. “I thought, ‘This is sort of a cynical approach to making money!’”

As if you needed reminding, Dafoe played Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin in all three of Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man films.

Though he was killed off in part one, his ghostly visage haunted James Franco for two further films, and Dafoe’s terrifying incarnation of Osborn really is the thing of nightmares.

“I like Spider-Man, the first one that I was involved in, because although you can argue all sorts of things, from my perspective it was very pure,” Dafoe says.

“It really was. The way Sam Raimi approached it, it was pure in its intentions and I think he captured, particularly, Tobey [Maguire] at that particular moment.

“This real, genuine innocence; it wasn’t indicated. Then after that it became more difficult because it’s hard to achieve that when it’s gotten some kind of attention and a certain level of success!”

Dafoe’s not in a hurry to watch any of the Spider-Man reboots, either. “Not so much,” he says, diplomatically adding: “The older I get, I don’t have the time to do everything that I want to do.”

As to Chris Cooper playing Osborn in Marc Webb’s films, Dafoe can take it or leave. “You know, in the theatre, people play the same role all the time. I don’t know anything about it, really,” he says.

Beyond: Two Souls is released on PlayStation 3 on 11 October 2013.

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    • eddycoulson

      Oct 3rd 2013, 17:46

      Totally agree, I didnt enjoy it much as I was just watching the same movie with a different actor and suit. At the end of the movie I was like meh!

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    • markvenn

      Oct 3rd 2013, 19:41


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    • sophiajendrock

      Oct 3rd 2013, 21:25

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    • Indianabones

      Oct 4th 2013, 7:56

      I can understand you not wanting a reboot, but it was a different movie! It is obviously Spiderman and will have a lot in commen! yes it was quite soon after Spiderman 3. but lets not be silly enough to think it was the same movie with a different actor! there was plenty wrong with Raimi's Spiderman.

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    • marvelboy

      Oct 4th 2013, 11:37

      I agree with Indianbones, I very much enjoyed the Amazing Spider-man it felt like the comics I've grown up with and not the flat performance from Tobey M. However I do think that W.Dafoe played a very good Greed goblin (even if the look wasn't right) and hope that Cooper can match if not over exceed the role

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 4th 2013, 12:40

      I'd respect his opinion more if he actually sat down and watched the movie.

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    • spid2411

      Oct 4th 2013, 14:35

      I thought the Amazing Spider-man was pretty good actually. The only problem for me was that the villain (like the Green Goblin) didn't look right. If they can start making the villains look the part (and early footage of the sequel for Electro is promising) then they could do a lot with it I think. Of all their attempts so far, Doc Ock was the one they got right (loved Spider-man 2 - that fight on the train was stunning).

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