Wolverine work print leaked online

Full-length rough cut in the wild

It seemed like just another April Fool’s story, but a work print of X-Men Origins: Wolverine really has leaked online.

Yes, barely a month before the film opens in cinemas, a near DVD quality (though apparently darker than the final version and missing some effects and music) appeared online Wednesday and has since been floating about the Interwebs.

20th Century Fox’s lawyers are, somewhat naturally, attempting to lock down the leak, but it’s too late to control it completely.

It remains to be seen how this affects the film’s box office showing, though we doubt enough people have actually watched the thing to make a dent.

And in case you’re wondering, no we haven’t seen a copy. We’re not going to.

[Source: Variety]

Would you watch it if you could? Or would you wait for the finished film?



    • scabo33

      Apr 2nd 2009, 19:46

      its a flop...

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    • beanieb

      Apr 2nd 2009, 20:09

      Why would you want to watch an unfinished film, with wire work and blue screen anyway. That kind of stuff will be on the dvd anyway.

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    • matt120689

      Apr 3rd 2009, 12:32

      I think that seeing the work print is a real shame, it loses all the excellence of the finished product. I think people will try and get a hold of it because they want to see the movie before anyone else. I can't wait to see it in the cinema!!!

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    • GrandpaSeth

      Apr 3rd 2009, 12:45

      I'm going to get the workprint, but I won't watch it until I've seen the complete version at the cinema. I'm just interested in seeing how action scenes etc were done. Oh and if I like it, I'll still buy the DVD.

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    • FallenLords

      Apr 3rd 2009, 13:00

      I would say there are a couple of interesting angles here. One is seeing a film prior to some of the special effects being added may be intriguing. It’s not the final version and things could change dramatically from now until final cut - especially considering the leak. I personally like knowing how they do some of the effects, what are effects, real etc. Watching multiple versions of the same film, if good, I always find interesting. Directors Cut, Ultimate Edition etc. Some times the changes really alter the telling of the story – take Payback for instance the Directors cut is more or less a totally different film to the original theatrical release. If it is a good film people will want to watch it more than once, especially if they have only seen an unfinished version. It is like viewing a half finished work of art, enough to appease the inquiring mind but at the same time you want to eventually see it in all it’s final glory. Now if it’s a bad film that might have a significant impact on box office takings. But then if you want to make money, you shouldn’t make bad films. Hugh Jackman, Xmen, Wolverine -one of the most liked characters - I find it hard to believe that this film is or will be a flop.

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