Wonder Woman TV series attracts director McG?

Charlie’s Angels man could helm pilot


Wonder Woman is making her big television comeback courtesy of Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley – and it seems she could be getting a helping hand from film director McG to boot.

TV channel NBC recently purchased Kelley’s pilot script and concept, and are looking around for a director qualified enough to bring Kelley’s vision to life on-screen.

Their current favourite is Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation director McG, who they want to helm the show’s pivotal pilot episode – i.e. the one that establishes the identity of the show, and will hopefully get an entire season picked up.

Which sort of makes sense, considering McG has had a hand in numerous TV shows, including Nikita and Supernatural. He also directed the action-packed pilot for Chuck.

The only question is if the director will have time, considering he’s just signed on to helm Universal’s massive summer tentpole Ouija. But then, if Wonder Woman wants him, who’s he to deny her?

Is McG the man for the job? Drop us your thoughts on the new Wonder Woman below...

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