World Exclusive! Megan Fox Cheerleader Pictures

The Jennifer's Body star in all-new shoot


Total Film has got its entirely un-clammy hands on new and unseen pics of Ms. Fox in full cheerleader regalia, promoting new film Jennifer's Body.

We did write a nice bit of context here, describing what the movie's all about and what Megan's role entails.

But this really is a case where the pictures speak for themselves.


Clck here for the hi-res version.


Click here for the hi-res version.


Click here for the hi-res version.


Jennifer's Body is released in the UK on November 4th, but not in the kind of places they provide private booths.

Looking forward to the film? What do you think of the pics? Leave a comment...


    • BooBoo1981

      Sep 18th 2009, 17:48

      It must be great being that hot...and really stupid. That's a deal.

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    • sashave91

      Sep 19th 2009, 21:11

      I cant believe they are actually marketing a film around how hot Megan Fox is, its ridiculous. I suppose they also do it for the Twilight franchise with Edward and Jacob.

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    • koolerking

      Sep 21st 2009, 0:10

      Its just shows that they have absolutely nothing else to use for marketing of this film. I also cant help thinking about the open letter from Michel Bays crew about megan fox. There's more acting talent in the desk in front of me at this moment then megan fox could muster.

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    • bentgaga

      Sep 21st 2009, 3:26

      Am I the only one who thinks she is great at everything? People are just jealous.. grow up.

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