World War Z back on track?

Eleventh-hour efforts proving successful

Dead in the water? Not quite. Last-minute negotiations to reanimate an adaptation of Max Brooks's zombie novel are proving quite fruitful, according to sources.

With Paramount threatening to cut the rope without a financing partner, all hope on a World War Z film had seemingly been quashed. 

But today word reaches us that talks are being carried out with a few interested prospectors, with rumours of production beginning as early as June.

If it gets the green light (and we hope it does), Quantum of Solace director Mark Forster will be jumping on board to helm, and Brad Pitt will take a lead role - which should ease the minds of potential investors.

For those unfamiliar with the source material, World War Z depicts a post-zombie apocalypse scenario in which tales of the outbreak are recalled by survivors who witnessed the atrocities. Ah, memories...

Hopefully we'll hear more very soon.

Dawn of the Dead or Yawn of the Dead? Had your zombie fill? Tell us below!


    • fuzzcaminski

      Mar 30th 2011, 19:28

      God please, I love the book so much

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    • sp4cej0ckey

      Mar 30th 2011, 21:29

      Great book..but the question is, can its structure really work as a film??

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