Worthington talks Dan Dare movie

Attached to the ‘50s-themed space comic adap...


Sam Worthington just loves himself a big budget bust-up.

Not content with having starred in, oh, the biggest grossing film of all time (yes, Avatar), as well as putting Christian Bale in the shade in Terminator: Salvation, the actor has set his sights on British comic book Dan Dare for his next project.

Described as ‘Biggles in space’, the original comic debuted in 1950, with tales set in the 1990s that boasted a very ‘50s feel.

The character of Dan Dare was the chief pilot of the Interplanet Space Fleet, not necessarily a superhero but with remarkable piloting abilities and a qualification in jiu jitsu.

Speaking to MTV this week, Worthington confirmed that he is attached to the project.

He said:

“I'm at that stage now where I want to do movies where I get my $16 (£10.60) worth... Something like Dan Dare, there was something in the reboot by [Garth Ennis] that was amazing.”

He’s talking about the new mini-series launched by Virgin Comics, and written by Garth Ennis, who is renowned for his dark humour and no-holds-barred violence.

Beyond that, the 33-year-old actor wouldn’t say anything else, though we're betting he won’t be happy playing anybody other than the titular lead - he certainly looks the part.

Who do you want to play Dare’s arch-nemesis The Mekon?

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    • jem0013

      Mar 31st 2010, 14:38

      Hell yeah! I've waited years for this and I reckon ol' Worthington is worthy of the titular role. Bring on the Mekon and the green Treens.

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    • DanielMcA

      Apr 1st 2010, 21:15

      Yes, Worthington is bland enough for Dan. It's all about the baddies. I suggest Kevin Spacey for the Mekon (or Josh Winning).

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    • jmannion

      Apr 2nd 2010, 14:24

      Helena Bonham Carter would make a brilliant Mekon; she already has the temper and the head - just needs to go green.

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