Would Gareth Evans make an Iron Fist movie?

We ask The Raid 2 director at Sundance


While Gareth Evans made a sizeable impact with his third feature film The Raid, it's The Raid 2: Berandal that's bound to get Hollywood calling.

Its impressive mastery of martial arts choreography, character work and imacculate pacing impressed us hugely at Sundance 2014, and so when we sat down with the director, we quizzed him on whether, given the chance, he'd want to apply those skills to bigger, more mainstream blockbusters.

And considering the popularity of comic book movies right now, we couldn't resist quizzing him on whether he'd be interested in Marvel's most popular martial-arts-based character Iron Fist (who himself has just been selected to spearhead Netflix's impending Marvel TV series).


Total Film: So there's a popular martial-arts comic book character called Iron Fist…

Gareth Evans: Ah yeah, a few people have mentioned that to me before.


TF: Would you be interested in doing a comic book movie like that if it had a style and a concept you'd be interested in?

GE: Totally, yeah. I'm not averse to it. My big thing right now is figuring out how to do that action style - and would someone like Marvel let me do a R-rated movie?

This isn't me going against PG-13 movies, it's just that the way I shoot action, it doesn't need to be bloody or aggressive or 'stabby stabby' with knives, but it's about when someone swings a punch and there's a connection there, I'm not going to hide that with a camera. I get involved with the guys in that choreography design so I can understand the intricacies of what they've done, so that when I shoot it, what the camera angles should be and the editing should be, it's doing justice to all the work they've put into it.

In PG-13 action, you hide the chaos and fill it with sound. That's something I can't do. So [if I made a comic book movie], it'd have to be an R.


For more Evans goodness, watch our chat with him below as we discuss cult movie classics (like Troll 2!), as well as all things The Raid 2.

Would you love to see Evans make a mainstream blockbuster? Let us know below!


    • trist808

      Jan 24th 2014, 21:39

      OMG - I love this idea! This has to happen! Please Marvel, please take a chance and let him do Iron Fist or even Luke Cage ... or Heroes For Hire ... Shang-Chi, Misty Knight and the rest? Holy moly, the results would be stunning! Cannot wait for The Raid 2 in the meantime, it is going to be epic!

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 25th 2014, 1:07

      Evans sounds the perfect man for a Blade sequel / reboot. No CGi Blood this time.

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 25th 2014, 14:33

      Not going to happen anytime soon as Iron Fist is heading to Netflix. Evans making Blade now that's a good shout Hadouken.

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    • trist808

      Jan 27th 2014, 5:21

      Fair point @Ali1748, I was thinking further down the road after the Netflix series. And I agree with the Blade suggestion, pretty sure those rights are back with Marvel now (after the abysmal Trinity 10 years ago and that awful TV escapade) it would be good to see him return and done properly :)

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