Y The Last Man becoming TV show with Louis Leterrier?

Comic series heading for small screen

Y The Last Man

Louis Leterrier’s not had much luck at the movies in recent years, with both 2010’s Clash Of The Titans and 2008’s The Incredible Hulk inciting bile and apathy from cinema-goers.

So it’s no surprise that the Frenchman is interested in turning to television for his next big project.

The director has long been linked to an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s exceptional, apocalyptic comic book series Y: The Last Man, but production has been slower than a tortoise on sleeping pills.

“I still want to do it,” Leterrier assures MTV. “I’m passionate about it. But it’s stuck. People don’t know what to do with it. I’d love to do it, but I need people to finance it, and the people financing it don’t know if it’s a TV show a movie, or what it should be.”

Aha, so that’s the delay – should Y: The Last Man follow in the shuffling footsteps of The Walking Dead and take to the small screen instead of the big one? Leterrier’s clearly keener on the former.

“You take time to get to know your characters. You can introduce a lot of characters. You don’t need your three-action set pieces that you usually need for movies.

“Frankly, with HBO and Showtime and cable shows, the DVD box sets and all, you can have a product that doesn’t make you feel like as soon as it’s projected, it’s thrown away. It’s really a piece of art.”

Hear, hear. US TV has long been setting a high standard that Hollywood movies consistently fail to reproduce. If Leterrier wants The Last Man on TV, he’s definitely got our support.

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    • bogman2099

      Nov 11th 2010, 8:30

      this was made like a tv show every issue is an episode, y: the last man wouldn't be half as good as a movie,brian k. vaughn the comics co creator cut his teeth on tv's lost like the comic every episode ended with a twist or a cliffhanger plus it would get more reconition on telly,maybe a few emmy awards. i mean if your not playing a nazi, a holocaust survivor ,or disabled music or scientific genius,then it is unlikely the academy will reconise the story of one man and his monkey,the adventures of yorick brown must be televised!

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