Zack Snyder talks 300 follow-up

“It's going to be the same way, but on crazier steroids…”

While Watchmen might not have been the box office behemoth Warners were hoping for, Zack Snyder still has plenty of clout. And he’s still interested in whatever Frank Miller comes up with as a 300 sequel.

"I know for a fact that Frank is writing right now," Snyder told Coming Soon at a Watchmen Blu-Ray event, explaining that the plan is – as it’s always been – to have Miller draw a graphic novel first. "He's drawing away and seems to be knee-deep in it. I think he's going to head back to Greece again and do another reconnaissance."

While Snyder apparently wants to keep with the style and tech of the first film, the follow-up promises something with an even more epic scale.

"I think we would use the same technology... I don't want it to look too Star Wars-ian. Just from what Frank told me, it would be bigger as far as landscape and terrain.

“We're going to see Athens and the Aegean and other places. There would be an opportunity for bigger visions, though I'd hope for the same aesthetic.

The tech we used for 300 was not a revolution. It's basically what the weatherman has! It's going to be the same way, but on crazier steroids."

Works for us… We just wonder if we’ll ever actually see it.

[Source: Coming Soon]

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    • AYBGerrardo

      Jun 25th 2009, 9:06

      Huh I thought you'd take the opportunity to at least mention all the Watchmen DVD news from today.

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    • Buried At Sea

      Jun 25th 2009, 11:57

      this excites me

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    • durden

      Jun 25th 2009, 12:08

      another 300?yeah,whatever...just give 50 more watchmen films!!and don'tchange anything from the original.i'm SO dissapointed that that film didnt do better at the box absolutely kicked a*s!!!

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    • ashley.russell

      Jun 25th 2009, 13:11

      300 was gayyyyy! what will they call it? 3000 or 302 or even 300.2 maybe. something lame, no doubt.

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    • Pebblig

      Jun 25th 2009, 16:53

      haha, how was it gay?!?! an hour and a half of persian slaying?! Anyway, if it follows the trend of numbers it shall be "10,000" and will be 10 minutes of persians getting crushed into nothing xD However i want another, i loved the first

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    • agentblackacid

      Jun 25th 2009, 19:11

      Pebblig fails to see the homoerotic imagery in a film that is basically an hour and a half of oiled up, semi naked, finely toned muscle men 'bonding' in battle...

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