Zack Snyder will direct Justice League for Warner Bros.

Reports claim it will shoot back to back with Batman vs. Superman

After weeks and months of rumours, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Zack Snyder will be directing Justice League for Warner Bros.

The reports quotes Warner's president of worldwide production, Greg Silverman, as confirming Snyder's appointment, before explaining that, "it will be a further expansion of this universe…  Batman vs. Superman will lead into Justice League."

According to THR reporter, Borys Kit, the two films will also shoot back-to-back, with a view to Justice League opening in cinemas in 2017. An official announcement is expected at Comic-Con.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal's report also suggests that the studio is also turning over the idea of a potential Wonder Woman spin-off, depending on how Gal Gadot's performance is received.

"That is our hope," confirmed Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing. "With the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her."

Directed by Snyder and co-starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg, Batman vs. Superman will open in the UK on 29 April 2016.

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    • apo1978

      Apr 28th 2014, 12:15


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    • endofdays2

      Apr 28th 2014, 12:35

      Didn't like MoS that much, will probably be less than impressed with the sequel and Justice League deserves a better director than Snyder who is still trading off Watchmen.

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    • Chufferstud

      Apr 28th 2014, 13:35

      I refuse to get drawn into a conversation about a film that is coming out in 2017...oh wait.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 28th 2014, 14:14

      I don't mean to brag but I have said on here many times that Snyder would land the JLA gig. This news makes me feel slightly less trepidacious about Bat vs. Supe, the casting hasn't filled me with much hope but at least they have a plan in place and will be shooting back to back. I am surprised they let this news out now instead of saving it for SDCC.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 28th 2014, 14:16

      For the record I loved MoS. The only part of that movie that annoyed me was Pa Kent and the tornado, that was just ridiculous.

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    • MillerCrosses

      Apr 28th 2014, 15:17

      Luckily most readers of Total Film are just dumb enough to like these s**t movies.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 28th 2014, 17:03

      There's no need to insult people just because they enjoy the comic book genre, I don't go around lambasting people for being into the horror genre. Everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to movies, try and be a little more tolerant.

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    • endofdays2

      Apr 28th 2014, 17:38

      And what type of films do YOU like Miller? We're all so interested to know...must be hard to fit that TV under the bridge, I mean that's where trolls normally live isn't it?

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    • CossieNuttas

      Apr 28th 2014, 18:40

      Watchmen was awesome. Nuff said.

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