Zhang Yimou remaking Blood Simple

Asian remake revenge?

In a surprising move, a respected Asian director – Curse Of The Golden Flower’s Zhang Yimou is remaking an American movie: Blood Simple.

Yes, the director who helped design the Beijing Olympics’ opening is indeed tackling the Coen brothers movie, shooting it as San Quiang Pai An Jin Qi, which essentially translates to The Stunning Case Of The Three Gin Shots.

It’ll be crafted as a thriller/comedy, and much in the same vein as the Coen’s 1984 pic, tough no one is quite sure if the new film retains the original’s murder plot. Sounds awfully like it, though.

Next month, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead will be lined up for a remake in turnabout-fair-play style for all those dodgy Asian horror reboots…

[Source: THR]

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