Zombie videogame Dead Island to get a movie adaptation

Wolfman producer Sean Daniel has the rights

Unless your computer has been under a rock for the past few days, you'll have no doubt seen the glorious trailer for videogame Dead Island.

The brutal, beautiful promo went viral when it hit the internet last week.

It features a zombie attack on a family in a hotel, with a haunting melancholic score. Oh, and it mostly happens backwards, in slow-motion, with the ingenuity of a mini-Memento.

After all the online buzz it has been getting, it's no surprise that someone has snapped up the film rights.

TheWrap.com has revealed that producer Sean Daniel (The Wolfman, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) procured the rights to the game back in 2009, along with Union Entertainment president Richard Leibowitz and producer Dmitri Johnson.

Considering the relentless popularity of the questionable Resident Evil films, it's unlikely that this'll sit on the shelf for too long.

Dead Island is set for release later this year. It certainly has a compelling movie-friendly premise, as zombie hordes attack a holiday resort.

The game apparently features a lot of close combat brawling, with players using any objects in the vicinity as weapons.

If you still haven't caught the trailer, or fancy checking it out again, here it is:

While the trailer grabbed the public's attention, it'll be interesting to see how the game itself actually performs.

Is it too early to be getting hyped about Dead Island? Or did the trailer convince you this would make a great movie? Comment now!


    • magicwings

      Feb 20th 2011, 16:52

      The trailer is gorgeous but you can't make a film out of a trailer - usually that works the other way around. Mentioning "Wolfman" and "Mummy 3" as highlights of this hack's career just illustrates how s**te this adaptation is going to be. This has all the high expectations of an outing to Hollywood with Uwe Boll.

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    • chaosdefined

      Feb 21st 2011, 9:46

      Amusingly enough, the trailer was made by a Glaswegian company who have no association to the Polish company that made the game.

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