Zoolander returns on Saturday Night Live

Shows off new look: Cold Coffee

With all the recent chatter about a new Zoolander movie it was no suprise to see Ben Stiller appear as his most famous creation when he hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. 
“Please welcome New York’s hottest male model, Derek Zoolander!” said Bill Hader, playing city correspondent Stefon on the spoof news show Weekend Update
"Am I on the news?" opened Stiller in Zoolander's slow speech, before he and Stefon used the slot to promote their Halloween party.
“For too long, Halloween in New York has been a quiet, almost religion-y holiday for old people and babies but that’s all about to change. This year, I’m hosting a VIP blowout in New York’s hottest neighborhood: SoWeHoBeLoHoboWo," said Stiller, explaining that was, "South of West Houston below lower Hoboken. Woagh." 
Derek's costume for the event? His new look, Cold Coffee. As fans of Zoolander might expect, it looked very similar to Blue Steel. 
All proceeds from the party go to The Derek Zoolander Foundation For Fat Kids Who Are Fat But Not In A Cute Way Like That Fat Kid On Modern Family.  
US internet users can find the clip here

Can you handle another 90 minutes of Derek Zoolander? Or does he work better in bite-sized clips like this? Tell us below!


    • FBALee

      Oct 10th 2011, 18:41

      "That Hansel is so hot right now." Obviously it's only going to be awesome if Hansel (Owen Wilson) and Mugatu (Will Ferrel) are returning, which I've heard they are. Even better? If they bring back Vince Vaughn as Derek's brother, and expand upon his little cameo.

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    • revan1138

      Oct 10th 2011, 18:46

      this movie needs to happen.a great comedy creation and yes all other cast members need to return.

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Oct 11th 2011, 2:59

      Ouch Stiller looks tired and sad and isn't that funny anymore and . Wilson is just not the same since he tried to kill himself and Ferrel has somehow ended lost in Jim Carey world. Zoolander 2 will be bad and ruin the fond memories of the first, it's been far to long, maybe 5/6 years ago but now? It will be just like Blues Bros 2000.

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    • ShosannaD

      Oct 14th 2011, 19:39

      The one way Zoolander "2" would be funny is if they find a ridiculous way to bring back Meekus from the dead Alexander Skardgard's character. You know how many True Blood fans would go see that.

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    • FBALee

      Oct 15th 2011, 2:37

      @ShosannaD~ I LOVE that idea!

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