One Armed Boxer

One Armed Boxer


Film description

In a nutshell:

One-armed martial artist exacts revenge on the bad guys who redecorated his school with his Master’s blood...



One man. One arm. No mercy.


'Tien Lung sure knows how to fight!'


For two opposing martial arts schools of masters Hang Tui and Chao, what starts as a little fracas over a girl in a noodle restaurant turns into a full-scale war.

But Master Hang Tui worries little since he has Tien Lung, his ace student to lead his school.

To get the upper hand, the evil Master Chao imports ten masters-for-hire from all across Asia each with a different style; Kung-fu, Karate, Jeet Kune Do, Judo and so on.

The fight turns to Chao’s favor, highlighted when Tien Lung has his right arm ripped clean off.

Luckily, Tien Lung is able to escape, goes into hiding, trains and strengthens his remaining arm to become the ultimate weapon; The one armed boxer.

With the noodle girl on his side, revenge in mind, and a rock-hard left arm, he returns to settle the score…and do some redecorating himself.

Written by: Geonard Jones