Over the Top

Over the Top


Film description

In a nutshell: Arm-wrestling trucker bonds with his estranged son.



Lincoln Hawk will fight for his son the only way he knows how.


"The world meets no one half way"

"My whole body is an engine"

"All i want to do is hurt him, cripple him and get him off the table"


Lincoln Hawk is an arm-wrestling trucker who is trying to turn his life around.

He's finally getting his chance as his ex-wife has suggested that he drives his son home, a son he has not seen since his birth 10 years ago.

The problem is his son is a stuck-up military brat who wants nothing to do with his directionless father and is used to getting whatever he wants.

A road trip (and male bonding time) ensues as Lincoln drives his son home to his hospitalized mother, all the while teaching him the simple joys of arm wrestling and truck driving.

They face adversity in the form of Jason Cutler, the kid’s disapproving grandfather, and numerous arm wrestling truckers who want to prove they are the man by beating down Hawk at his own game.
After a tragedy at the end of the duo's journey together, Hawk is left alone to re-evaluate his life. Decisions are made and Hawk sells his rig and attempts to win the biggest arm-wrestling tournament there is.

Betting on himself he’s determined to go on and prove that a long shot can win, but here’s tough competition along the way.

If Hawk is able to put his problems aside then he will finally be able to go over the top to win the prize and his life back.

Written by: Brucewalken

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