Peppermint Candy

Peppermint Candy


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Film description

Spring, 1999. On a railroad bridge overlooking an idyllic riverbank, Yong-Ho (Sul Kyung-Ku) faces an oncoming train. Distraught and beyond reason, Yong-Ho shouts, "I'm going back!" right before the train takes his life.

Peppermint Candy takes viewers back before Yong-Ho's death, and back through 20 years of the doomed man's life. Like Memento, Peppermint Candy unfolds in reverse, with each stop in time giving new insight into Yong-Ho, as he becomes the man who will one day submit to his own death on a railroad bridge - the very same bridge beneath which he would declare his love for Sun-Im (Moon So-Ri) 20 years earlier.

Release Dates

UK DVD release
April 26th 2010