Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides review

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In a nutshell: Captain Jack Sparrow returns for his fourth adventure on the high seas, this time to find the fountain of youth.



[After being addressed as "Jack Sparrow"]
Jack Sparrow: ‘There should be a "Captain" in there somewhere.’

Jack Sparrow: ‘Have you been there?’
Captain Teague: ‘Does this face look like it's been to the fountain of youth?’
Jack Sparrow: ‘Depends on the light.’

Angelica: ‘Why is it we can never meet without you pointing something at me?’


Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) are back on an adventure to find the fountain of youth.

On his journey, Captain Sparrow meets a woman from his past, Angelica (Penelope Cruz), but he’s not sure if it’s love keeping her around, or if she's simply interested in finding the fountain of youth for herself.

Angelica forces Sparrow aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, where we meet the fearsome pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), who happens to be Angelica’s father. He's also trying to find the fountain.

Jack doesn’t know who to trust (or fear) more, and finds himself on an unexpected quest. But will he succeed this time around?

Finding the Black Pearl would be a good start...

Written By: Charlie Derry

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
May 18th 2011
UK DVD release
September 12th 2011
UK Blu-ray release
September 12th 2011

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    • mrsdepp09

      Jan 29th 2009, 11:42

      OMG i seriously cant't wait for Pirates four to come out, i'm loving the fact that this one is mainly focusing on Jack and Barbossas relationship! i dont really know what to say apart from its going to be amazing and i cant wait to see it!

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    • juienn

      Feb 19th 2011, 14:17

      I can't wait to see pirates four I love johnny depp and all of his work but captain jack sparrow is without a doubt the sexiest pirate there has ever been.

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    • BruceShark

      Feb 23rd 2011, 21:57

      If they get back to what made the first one great then I'm sold.

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    • KathrynKemp32

      Mar 10th 2011, 7:29

      Either this could be overkill and absolutely rubbish or it could be going out with a bang and be fantastic. I'm hoping for the latter because I really do love these films but I'm somewhat cynical....oh well we'll just have to wait and see!

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    • Danial123

      Mar 14th 2011, 11:49

      I really do love these films but I'm somewhat cynical.... Dumpsters

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    • LadyoftheManor

      Mar 25th 2011, 17:27

      I ca't wait for the release of the next Pirates movie, and to see my gorgeous Jack Sparrow again! Hope they carry on making more sequels as they are such good fun. Love you Johnny xxxx

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    • Ceciliaonfire

      May 2nd 2011, 8:51

      I am sceptical but will probably see it anyway, hoping for the best and looking back to the good times I had with no 1. But what's the limit on sequels, anyway? Will this go on until Johnny Depp is old enough to switch to playing Sparrow's father?

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