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Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a 6th century prince of Persia who teams up with Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) to rescue the Sands of Time, a gift from the gods that controls time, from the hands of the villainous nobleman, Nizam (Ben Kingsley).


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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
May 28th 2010
UK DVD release
September 13th 2010
UK Blu-ray release
September 13th 2010



    • SuperFilms

      Feb 10th 2009, 21:54

      Oh I cant wait. It looks awesome, plus jake looks Hott in here

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    • BigBuks

      Sep 8th 2009, 23:08

      I think this looks terrible. Why would they consider, much less PICK Jake Gyllenhaal to have this part. This is Prince of Persia! I can't wait to hear the accent that he tries to pull off. It could have been cool too.

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    • DanielMcA

      Nov 23rd 2009, 20:33

      I once got a hair caught in my urethra on my way home. I had to walk for over a mile in terrible discomfort before I could reach the bathroom. I'd walk from from Derry to Belfast with a thistle in it rather than sit through this film.

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    • murphy

      Feb 9th 2010, 17:05

      pml @ danielmca, he's summed it up perfectly i would rather smoke my pubes than watch this disney tosh

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    • mitya

      Apr 12th 2010, 14:32

      aki jatszotta anak biztos tetszenifog

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    • LadyCroft

      Jun 2nd 2010, 13:38

      No offence guys, I went to see it today and guess what... for the first time in ages I walked out of a film feeling, well, happy... I actually smiled all the way to the car. Hope you check it out regardless of what you "think" it might be like.

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    • DanielMcA

      Jun 7th 2010, 20:16

      @LadyCroft 2 points: 1 - We can only have said what we thought as our comments were lifted from the preview section (check the comment dates). 2 - No. I won't go to see it just to back a critical argument. The last film I did that for was Avatar and I swore never again. I don't have to see the dogs**t on the sole of my shoe to know it's there.

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    • Barney1

      Jul 8th 2010, 14:34

      Sucked Balls!

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