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In a nutshell:

A cursed prince and a Demon princess must join forces to reconcile technology and nature, and avert an apocalyptic battle.



The fate of the world rests on the courage of one warrior.

"Even if you were a woman you'd be stupid!"

"Disgusting little creatures! Soon all of you will feel my hate, and suffer
as I have suffered!"

"Hey! You're not handsome, you're gorgeous!"


When an enraged boar-god-turned-giant-demon comes out of the woods and threatens a small community, Prince Ashitaka (Yōji Matsuda/Billy Crudup) is forced to kill the creature.

He is cursed when the demon slurry surrounding the creature touches his arm, enabling him to decapitate or de-limb samurai with a single arrow, and perform other super-human feats.

Unfortunately, the curse is slowly taking over his body. Soon it will kill him, so he goes in search of a cure.

On the way he encounters a mysterious monk called Jigo who tells him about the animal gods who live in the dangerous forest to the west.

A band of humans heading home to Iron Town are attacked by the giant Wolf god Moro (Akihiro Miwa/Gillian Anderson), her two children and her adopted human child San (Yuriko Ishida/Claire Danes), The Princess Mononoke.

San has been raised by Moro and is engaged in a ferocious war with mankind to defend the forest.

On the opposite side, the humans of Iron Town are led by the fearless and cunning Lady Eboshi (Yūko Tanaka/Minnie Driver).

There are atrocities committed by all sides and only Ashitaka seems willing to seek a peaceful coexistence between man and nature.

Written by: TheRealEverton

Release Dates

UK Cinema release
October 19th 2001



    • sherylsace

      Apr 26th 2011, 21:57

      Great review once again, my family loves this movie beautiful animation totally gross monsters, danger humour its all there, its a visual book waiting to be read. love it!!!!! Get the DVD out kids lets watch it again!

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