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UK Cinema release
July 1st 2009
UK DVD release
November 2nd 2009

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    • sickchainey

      Mar 12th 2009, 2:23

      I've been waiting on a release date for this movie for a while now. They filmed some of it in my small town in Wisconsin last summer. watched them film for a few days and it was great. I'm sure this will be a killer movie. Another Micheal Mann movie masterpiece for the collection. Check the dragon...

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    • HaytchStar

      Mar 17th 2009, 22:59

      looks like its bales year for the films

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    • Hip2thabone

      Apr 4th 2009, 10:34

      Hope this film as good as the trailer it's self. Man johnny depp gets better and better with each film he stars in.

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    • jceaser

      Jun 27th 2009, 0:34

      loved both heat and collateral.

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