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Nicolas Winding Refn was first noted as a talent to watch after the 1996 cult classic Pusher trilogy. He then directed the acclaimed Drive last year and this year he is bringing Pusher back (in a producing capacity) in an English-language remake.

The plot will remain largely intact, but this time set in London, as opposed to Copenhagen. A small time London drug dealer descends into debt after making some seriously bad decisions. His life spins out of control when a drug deal goes wrong and he is left in debt with the ruthless Mr Big.

Richard Coyle is cast as the lead, Frank, in this version, alongside Bronson Webb as Tony, Agyness Deyn as Flo, and Zlatko Buric reprises his role as Milo the crime boss that he also played in the original.

Working with Spanish director Luis Prieto and acting as executive producer, Refn brings with him the bright neon lights, electro-beat sound and edgy and explosive atmosphere, that he gave to Drive. With this combination Pusher, should hopefully be another sharp and gripping crime drama.

Pusher debuted at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2012 and opens in UK cinemas on 12 October 2012.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
October 12th 2012
UK Blu-ray release
February 4th 2013

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