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UK Cinema release
November 17th 2000
UK Cinema release
August 17th 2007
UK DVD release
September 12th 2005
UK DVD release
January 1st 2001
UK Blu-ray release
February 21st 2011

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    • kalashnikov

      Sep 28th 2009, 10:49

      Famed for its fight scenes' unflinching realism and graced by De Niro's powerhouse performance as the self-destructive La Motta, Raging Bull is Martin Scorsese's finest work.

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    • Danfilmnut

      Feb 20th 2011, 0:56

      The choice to film in black and white instead of colour makes the film all that much better. Scorese really made the right choice doing this as even though it was filmed in 1980 it was bassed in the 50's / 60's of La Motta's life, so great work Scorsese!!!!

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