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Milla Jovovich returns as Alice in Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth in the series adapted from the Capcom video game. Alice continues her fight against the Umbrella Corporation, and Paul W.S. Anderson returns as director.

The new film begins with Alice banged up within one of Umbrella's most secure operations facilities. Naturally, it doesn't stand much chance of holding her, and before you can say "zombie", she's on the loose once more.

However, the free world is in a worse state than ever before, the T-Virus having laid waste to the majority of the planet's human population. Can Alice track down those responsible for the outbreak in time to save the last remaining survivors?

The first trailer ends with "Milla Jovovich. In 3D". We've yet to encounter a more succinct summing up of a franchise...

Are you excited for Resident Evil:Retribution? Or are you just shocked the franchise is still going? Make sure to leave a comment below ahead of its 28 September 2012 release.

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UK Cinema release
September 28th 2012

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