500 Days Of Summer


A romcom with aplomb?

Imagine a cute romcom that actually rips your heart out come the break up; where you want the couple to end up together because they’re actually identifiable.

What if there was a boy-meets-girl flick out there that could be enjoyed outside the confines of an inflight meal? And dream, if you will, of a relationship movie that blokes would watch for pleasure.

Praise be then, for this is that movie – a non-linear, bittersweet tale of greeting-card writer Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and flighty secretary Summer (Zooey Deschanel) who negotiate lust, love and listlessness over 500 emotional-rollercoaster days.

Directed with breezy brio by first-timer Marc Webb, it takes in all those recognisable horrors of courtship, from fumbled first snogs to hating the way a partner breathes.

Professional kook Deschanel and mini- Ledger Gordon-Levitt expertly walk a fine line between sweet and cynical. What’s more, both are unafraid to play prick-tease and borderline-stalker respectively, as well as being adorable young things.

The pair share such an easy chemistry that it’s no surprise to learn in the bonus interviews (exclusive to Blu) that they’ve been real-life pals for years.

OK, it’s not the perfect package, the ending feeling like it wandered in from a different movie. But Webb’s ‘gimmicks’ reap some big wins – for heartache, try the expectations-vs-reality sequence and for smiles, Gordon-Levitt’s euphoric flash-mob dance.

Pure cinematic Prozac.

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