A Dangerous Method


David Cronenberg analyses Freud and Jung

The only body horror in this composed, cerebral and atypical David Cronenberg talkfest is Keira Knightley’s snapping her jaw out to Alien proportions.

She’s a twitching, touching revelation as hysterical patient Sabina, whose S&M affair with Michael Fassbender’s racily repressed psychiatrist Carl Jung endangers his status as Freud’s ‘crown prince of psychoanalysis’.

It’s handsomely made and nicely played, yet Christopher Hampton’s script (from his play) feels a tad tidy and didactic when Viggo Mortensen’s urbane, cigar-chomping Freud theorises at length.

Hoorah then, for Vincent Cassel’s debauched Dr Otto Gross, whose cocaine-fuelled motto is “Never repress anything”.

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