Peter Berg sinks all rational thought.

After Battleship, er, sank at the box office, director Peter Berg blamed it on two things.

One was Avengers Assemble hoovering up punters like it was a two-hour rubdown from Scar-Jo; the other was the vitriolic reaction from everyone to the idea of making a boardgame into a film.

Leaving aside the obvious rejoinder - making a better movie might have helped - he perhaps has a case.

The fury prompted by this brand-synergy exercise would have been hard for anybody to overcome, and Battleship’s thorough critical trouncing upon its theatrical release was surely out of proportion to this bulging blockbuster’s sins, plentiful though they are.

Berg’s $209m behemoth is far more insane than you’d have thought possible.

Even leaving aside some slapstick around a burrito and Liam Neeson playing a dad seemingly imported from 1873, there’s a late story twist that not only justifies the title and underlines the US Navy’s enthusiastic involvement, but boggles the mind.

It’s so naffly flag-waving it would have seemed OTT on VJ Day, and so skull-shakingly nuts that it’s hard not to crack a smile at how far Berg has taken the carte blanche of his already ludicrous premise.

Sure, the action is standard post-Transformers flying metal, the dialogue is as declaratory as it gets and the cast, led by John Carter’s Taylor Kitsch, is patchy at best.

But behind all the cynicism lies one of the strangest major studio tentpoles of recent times.

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    • thedanieljson

      Aug 8th 2012, 23:52

      You made this sound fantastically, bizzarely, enticing.

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    • alexpang

      Oct 5th 2012, 4:27

      Battleship – Film Review - LIBS Study The movie Battleship revoked our childhood memories on the classic naval board and pin combat game. It is a typical sci-fi movie that portrays alien invasion and combat with human beings. If you like movies that consisted of earthshaking action, thrilling with gun shooting and computer graphics, the movie Battleship will definitely satisfy your desire. The one hour and a half duration movie Battleship was produced by Universal Picture in America that released on May 18, 2012. The director of Battleship, Peter Berg is an American actor, movie writer, producer and director. His best known directing movies included Chicago Hope (1997), Friday Night Lights (2004), Hancock (2008) and Battleship (2012). Taylor Kitsch (Alex Hopper, Lieutenant, Battleship) is a Canadian actor who originated from Kelowna, BC. The major breakthrough in his career can be traced back to 2006 in the movies John Tucker Must Die and the popular NBC television series Friday Night Lights as well as Battleship (2012) and John Carter (2012). The story of Battleship begins with a fleet of alien warships approaching to earth in response to NASA signal. One of the alien communication warships collides with the satellite and its fragments falling from space causing a catastrophic disaster to Hong Kong. Other alien warships lands safely in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii Island and attempt to start their invasion. The massive power force of alien warships trapping plenty of American battleships around the island including Hopper’s (Taylor Kitsch) and attacks the battleships within their boundaries. As the communication warship crashes in Hong Kong, the aliens have lost contact to their home planet. A group of alien soldiers decided to attack NASA’s communication facility on Oahu, Hawaii. The aliens plan to use NASA’s communication facilities to transmit signals back to their planet. The scientist, Samantha (Brooklyn Decker) realized that a larger invasion might be happen if the aliens acquire NASA’s communication facilities, she uses a traditional radio to inform Hopper about the issue. Since much of the battleships are destroyed and isolated by aliens, Hooper decided to use the Missouri battleship that built in the 70s and now reconfigured into a museum. With the aid of the retired navy, the Missouri battleship has been ordered by Hopper on its last mission to save the earth from alien invasion. The cinematography of Battleship is much relies on computer graphics. From the rupture of buildings in Hong Kong to the battleships combat over the Pacific Ocean. With the aid of CG, the combat scene flows well together throughout the movie as well as creates thrill and excitement to their audiences. The backbone concept of the story is similar to other films such as Independence Day (1996) and War of the Worlds (2005). Each of these movies portrays alien invasion to earth, and how human fights for survival by collaboration. As the ongoing pursuit of space exploration, human beings invested multi trillion dollars in space program in order to search for new planets to survive. One question raised in my mind. Are we the actual aliens?

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