Beverly Hills Cop II


Qne classic Murphy, plus two mirth-free...

It might be hard to believe in the wake of Norbit, but in 1987, eddie Murphy was hollywood’s golden child.

Coming off 48 Hrs, Trading Placesand Beverly Hills Cop, the 26-year-old former Saturday Night Live comic was the most successful black American actor of his generation.

Scratch that – of any generation. this was the year he released foul-mouthed stand-up film Raw– a word perfectly tailored to Murphy’s abrasive style.

Diluting that, the very same year, was Beverly Hills Cop II.

Fresh off Top Gun, Tony Scott’s sequel was louder, lewder and lamer than its predecessor.

As Murphy’s detroit detective Axel Foley returns to LA to solve the ‘alphabet crimes’, confront Brigitte Nielsen’s leggy villain and muck around at the Playboy mansion, it has its moments, but mostly conforms to Judge Reinhold’s gun-nut cop Billy’s maxim: “You can never have too much firepower.” 

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