Braveheart: Collector’s Edition


Gibbo’s epic historical scrapper is a feast for the ears…

Mel Gibson proved at least three things by taking on the eeevil English as 13th-Century Scor-tush freedom fighter William Wallace.

One: Scots definitely didn’t invent underwear. Two: the Lethal Weapon star was a glutton for onscreen punishment. Three: he was, hands down, one of Hollywood’s best action directors.

What really hits you when you watch his chestbeating epic’s battle scenes on Blu-ray is how brilliantly the 5.1 Dolby TrueHD soundtrack sucks you into the carnage. Between thundering horsehooves and clashing weapons, you make out gentle gusts of wind and distant bird song.

Don’t expect eye-roasting visuals, mind. Braveheart’s look is as muted and muggy as the Highland weather, but this Blu-ray captures it with real naturalism.

Gibbo’s smart commentary survives from the DVD, bolstered by three new supplements. A trio of interactive timelines follow the real Wallace, the fictional version and the film’s production, while ‘Battlefields Of The Scottish Rebellion’ is an interactive map that teaches you about the rucks re-enacted in the film.

Best of the lot is ‘Braveheart: A Look Back’, a new hour-long Making Of that eyes up the film’s conception, construction and impact. Spotlighting Gibson’s directorial prowess, it delves behind the scenes for interviews with cast and crew while examining everything from the shoot to the editing. Excellent.

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    • allykatharvey

      Oct 3rd 2011, 17:30

      FOUR stars?? How can you give this GARBAGE Four stars?? History this is not!! The bit where the "French" princess speaks of her husband, King Edward, as an "Eeeengleeshman" (and thus a bad lover - er - how would a virtuous, virginal princess know?) brought the house down when I was watching. Edward was FRENCH and never spoke a word of Eeengleesh!! This film is just about Gibson Brit-bashing and making trouble.

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