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John C. Reilly makes an appealing anti-hero

Cedar Rapids review

Ed Helms has more than one Hangover in this fish-out-of-water tale as a milquetoast insurance salesman sent off to the big, bad city (well, Cedar Rapids in Iowa) to attend a convention.

The reason? Mainly John C. Reilly’s boozy blowhard, an agent of chaos who steers him off the straight-and-narrow into a world of sex, hedonism and frat-boy hi-jinks.

Combining vulgarity with tenderness, director Miguel Arteta makes Helms both a figure of fun and an appealing hero.

If you want a real trick, wait for Reilly’s party piece over the end credits.

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    • MisterAmj

      Sep 7th 2011, 17:03

      Why do you have a picture of The Hangover to accompany this review about a totally different film?

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