Cockneys Vs. Zombies


The season of Brit horrors continues with this Matthias Hoene directed movie

Despite the flesh-gobblers, London is the star of Matthias Hoene’s derivative but affectionate zomcom.

Shaun Of The Dead and Lock, Stock echoes reverberate as crap young crims and sweary OAPs fight a zombie plague, but dead-heads will also welcome the Romero-ish social comment in writer James Moran’s (Severance) assaults on urban regeneration.

“It ain’t Chekhov,” hard-man star Alan Ford ’fesses on modest extras.

It ain’t Zombieland either: pacing shuffles.

But it is a likeably lairy love letter to the East End, sold by strong leads (Honor Blackman, Michelle Ryan), strong-ish gore and some agreeably silly zimmer-frame gags.

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