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Carlos Saura's moody, doomy drama still haunts on Blu...

“Raise ravens and they’ll peck out your eyes,” runs the grim Spanish proverb that gives writer-director Carlos Saura’s doomy drama its title.

Shot in the dying days of General Franco’s dictatorship, it’s set in a big, shadowy old house that’s not hard to read as a metaphor for the oppressive regime.

Ana Torrent (The Spirit Of The Beehive) is the orphaned eight-year-old daughter of the household, her huge dark eyes full of grief and resentment, while Saura’s then-partner Geraldine Chaplin doubles as her dead mother and her older self.

With its haunted, dream-like atmosphere, the result remains as compelling as ever.

Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 27th 2013
  • Genre

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