Jonah Hill saves this odd romcom with a double-edged performance

Cyrus review

How could a drunk, middle-aged loser who looks like Shrek (John C Reilly) get lucky with The Wrestler’s Oscar-nommed stunner (Marisa Tomei)? Why is she single? Why won’t she invite him back to her house?

The answer (well, there is no answer to the first question) is Cyrus (Jonah Hill), her fully grown son who jealously guards his mother’s love.

This curious romcom drama from indie brothers Mark and Jay Duplass never quite spins Cyrus’ mind games into the dark battle of wits you’re hoping for, but Hill’s superb serio-comic performance keeps it subtle, sad and funny.

Just some wispy featurettes on the DVD, plus a few more on Blu-ray.

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