Dear John


An insipid take on Nicholas Sparks' novel...

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are the whiter-than-white heroes of Lasse Hallstrom’s insipid take on Nicholas Sparks’ novel.

He’s a sensitive soldier who’s known true horror; she’s the soulful student who’ll teach him how to love. When he’s dispatched to Afghanistan post-9/11 they stay in touch by mail, but tragedy is waiting to strike.

The film may stop short of kitten murder as it attempts to draw tears, but its approach is no less cynical. Tatum and Seyfried do what they can to bring their one-note characters to life, but the endless longing gazes offer no help.

Similar Sparks themes were adapted to greater effect in The Notebook; only undying lovers of that film need apply here.

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