Despicable Me 2


Self-deprecation for all ages

The first Despicable Me nailed its baddie-to-daddy arc so neatly, there’s little left for this sequel to say.

Instead, it’s alive with the sound of Minions, whose giggly gibberish and fail-safe slapstick lift the movie out of any number of plot holes, as ex-supervillain Gru (Steve Carell) makes a dull go of being an undercover agent (while falling for Kristen Wiig’s not-as-funny-as-she-should-be Lucy).

Forget his three adoptive sprogs – the movie swiftly does, investing all its ideas-energy in a Gremlins-like twist that brings back some of the old naughtiness.

Extras lean in a predictable direction: three Mini-Movies, The Making Of The Mini-Movies

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