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Russell Brand does his best Russell Brand impersonation…

Get Him To The Greek review

Russell Brand is being rude. This time it’s not Andrew Sachs who’s his target, but MTV news anchor Kurt Loder.

Faced with a few inane questions, Brand unleashes a torrent of profane responses, odd sexual threats (“I could laminate you”) and finally, a stream of hot piss all over the studio floor. This interview is over.

Of course, it’s not actually Russell Brand behaving badly, but his rock star alter-ego Aldous Snow, first seen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Nicholas Stoller again directs) and now the subject of this off-kilter spin-off.

The line between character and actor is pretty fuzzy – Brand is unsurprisingly convincing as a hard-partying lothario, but co-star Jonah Hill bravely plays it straight as the “affable nitwit” tasked with getting his hero to a gig on time.

It sounds like a simple caper movie, but Greek’s erratic, improv-heavy screenplay frequently minces off on hit-and-miss dramatic tangents, attempting to beef up its caricatures by giving Snow stormy issues with his father (played by Colm Meaney) and a drug habit that’s played for laughs one minute (a calamitous toke on a mega-spliff called ‘Geoffrey’) and emotional beats the next.

Bizarrely, it’s P Diddy who races off with the comic spoils as angry producer Sergio (“You cannot outrun me! I am black!”).

This being an Apatow production, there’s the usual array of deleted, extended and alternate scenes and line-readings in the bountiful supplements. Plus two gag reels.

Which is a bit indulgent, but you will laugh quite a lot. Just like the main feature, then.

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