Amanda Seyfried hunts for a serial killer out to get her.

Despite flirting with the vague veneer of an interesting plot, Gone veeery slooowly reveals itself to be a woeful waste of time.

It centres on disturbed kidnap-survivor Jill (Amanda Seyfried, doing her best with the script she’s got, from Underworld: Awakening writer Allison Burnett), who’s convinced, after the disappearance of her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham), that the serial killer who abducted her two years ago has returned.

Is it, as the police say, all in Jill’s head? Is Jill herself the killer? Or is there more to this mysterious kidnapper than there seems to be?

No, because after 94 brutally tedious minutes of red herrings, that might actually prove memorable.

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