Green Lantern


The emerald knight’s outing was an excitement-free origin story

In a superhero summer that felt like an almighty ad for next year’s The Avengers, Green Lantern was Warner’s great green hope. Rather than dazzling, though, the emerald knight’s outing was an excitement-free origin story, top-heavy with uneven “WTF?” mythology and a Mars Attacks! reject for a villain. Ryan Reynolds’ skintight CGI cossie and killer smirk weren’t super enough to compete. With Wonder Woman’s aborted TV series, Batman’s imminent end and Flash plans on hold, DC is badly trailing in the comic-book wars. Can Man Of Steel rescue them?

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    • MeanMachine

      Oct 24th 2011, 1:49

      Green Lantern was absolutely awesome! Ryan Reynolds not only delivered but made this movie great. I loved it and hope to see the sequel very soon. 10/10 from me. Best Super Hero movie of 2011 in my opinion.

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    • MikeyRix

      Jan 13th 2012, 20:01


      Really not as bad as I've read (or indeed, what was said here). Had surprising moments of humour, whether intentional or not and Reynolds made for a great Hal Jordan. However, Blake Lively annoyed me, she didn't add anything as Carol Ferris, and it's not a film I can watch over and over again. Overall, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!

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