Here We Go Around The Mulberry Bush


Clive Donner’s comedy adaptation of a randy grammar-school lad...

Solarised pop-art titles, dolly birds, flares, Judy Geeson looking winsome – yep, we’re in full swingin’ ’60s shtick.

Clive Donner’s comedy – adapted from Hunter Davies’ novel – of a randy grammar-school lad (Barry Evans) desperate to shed his virginity has dated to a painful degree.

Donner tries to jazz things along with some sub-Richard Lester tricks – sped-up motion, zany fantasies – but it all feels desperate. Extras include censored scenes (don’t get excited) and a couple of solemn shorts – one about New Town planning in Stevenage…

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 13th 2010
  • Genre

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