I, Robot


Rogue robots make Will Smith lose his cool

"You are the dumbest smart person I've ever met", growls Will Smith's robot-hating rozzer at cold fish scientist Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan) in this loose adaptation of Isaac Asimov's seminal android-exploring scribblings.

As FX-driven extravaganzas go, I, Robot could well be the smartest dumb movie we've seen this year. Streamlining Asimov's geek-speak about positronic brains and ""three laws"" safety into bite-sized McNuggets, director Alex Proyas (The Crow) pits Smith against an army of malfunctioning metal-heads intent on world domination.

The mechanical `mystery' plot and occasional, shoehorned-in action scenes are balanced by an impressively moving CG turn from rogue robot Sonny (Alan Tudyk), several muted references to racial prejudice (""You just don't like their kind.") and a surprisingly vulnerable performance from Smith's conflicted hero.

It's enough to ensure this enjoyably unpretentious tin-man drama knows exactly where its heart is.

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    • sansu

      May 17th 2014, 19:53


      I always had some same dreams when I was a very little kid, they are all about that a robot was chasing me, and I ran very hard, I climbed a high building, but the robot was getting close, so I jumped off the building, then I waked up. I always remember those dreams, and I thought they were just dreams, but now I know they are not my dreams, they are the truth, human being will be replaced by robots. 'cause The Gods are true, they need robots more than us. We are created like a pig, but they don't need our meat, they need our feelings, emotion, intelligence, etc

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