Battling Gods from ancient Greece

Next summer’s Son Of Krypton Henry Cavill, shows star power as the Zeus-blooded peasant battling to stop king Mickey Rourke enslaving mythical ancient Greece.

His muscular torso is more beautifully carved than the script, but it’s the extraordinary visual imagination of director Tarsem Singh that takes hold of you.

Abundant decapitations, a sledge-hammer vasectomy, Gods plunging from the heavens and a thrillingly stylised brawl between Olympians and Titans help Immortals take its own silliness seriously.

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    • matthewbrady

      Aug 9th 2014, 22:44


      This movie is like if 300 got all the goodness and bad-a*s scenes sucked out. Therese something about Tarsem Singh movies that I don't like. He knows how to make a movie look good but at the same time he makes it look too colorful and clean. The visual's effect's in the movie looked faked and the acting is dreadful. I couldn't understand what mickey Rourke was saying in this movie, did he took acting lessons from Stallone or something.

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